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RL’s Musical Odyssey Unveiled on ‘We Sound Crazy Podcast’

In an exclusive episode of We Sound Crazy, RL Huggar, the celebrated voice behind the R&B hits of Next and the iconic duet “We Can’t Be Friends” with Deborah Cox, opens up about the behind-the-scenes tales that have defined his musical journey.

During the interview, viewers get an exclusive peek into RL’s songwriting genius, unraveling the narratives behind hits crafted for Jamie Foxx, Jaheim, Luther Vandross, and other industry luminaries. RL’s musical contributions have not only cemented his status as an R&B icon but have also positioned him as a sought-after songwriter, lending his pen to diverse musical landscapes.

You don’t want to miss this episode, and your front-row seat to the harmonies and histories that have made RL Huggar an enduring force in the world of music. Press play now and join the conversation!

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