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Unveiling ‘The Moment’: Bakari Sellers’ Insightful Journey into the Impactful World of Black Communities and Politics

Embark on a riveting journey through the pages of “The Moment,” the eagerly anticipated forthcoming book by Bakari Sellers, the distinguished New York Times bestselling author known for his memoir “My Vanishing Country.” Scheduled for release on April 23, this powerful narrative is fueled by the tragic events surrounding George Floyd’s murder in May 2020, as Sellers passionately shared his insights on CNN, unveiling the deep-rooted pain and frustration experienced by Black individuals in a society where their lives are often undervalued.

Drawing on the foundation laid in his previous bestseller, “My Vanishing Country,” Sellers extends his exploration to national politics and policies that stretch beyond his South Carolina roots, leaving a profound impact on Black communities across the nation. As the release date nears, Bakari Sellers offers compelling solutions and prescriptions aimed at uplifting the lives of all Black Americans.

“The Moment” takes a close look at inequities in healthcare, education, early childhood education, and policing, with Sellers leveraging insights from interviews with influential figures such as Rev. William Barber and civil rights legend Ben Crump. Through this forthcoming, thoughtful, and practical work, Sellers not only sheds light on crucial issues but also shares his perspectives on conservative media and the influential forces shaping public discourse. As April 23 approaches, mark your calendar for the arrival of “The Moment” – a catalyst for change and understanding in our quest for a better tomorrow.

The Moment is available for preorder at book retailers.

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