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Video: Will ‘Yemi’ Jawando Announces U.S. Senate Campaign

Will Jawando, the 41-year-old Democratic Party member and current Montgomery County, Maryland Council member, has officially announced his campaign for the United States Senate, representing the state of Maryland. Jawando, who has been a prominent voice in the fight for social justice, equality, and progressive policies, believes that now is the time to step up and serve his community at a higher level.

Jawando’s decision to run for Senate is motivated by his commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of all Americans, particularly those who have been historically marginalized and underrepresented. His vision for a more equitable and just society aligns with the values of the Democratic Party, and he is determined to be a strong advocate for policies that prioritize the needs of working families, protect our environment, and promote social and economic justice.

Jawando was born in Montgomery County, MD to Olayinka Jawando, a Nigerian immigrant, and Kathy Jacob, a proud Kansan. In middle school, his family moved to Prince George’s County. Every day after school, Will spent his afternoons in Silver Spring at his mother’s work, where he met many of the mentors he now calls his seven Black fathers.

Jawando’s critically acclaimed memoir, “My Seven Black Fathers” was released in 2022 and offers frank reflections on his experiences with systemic racism and being a 2nd-generation American, the lessons he learned from mentors like President Obama, and his journey mending his strained relationship with his father.

In 2018, Will was elected as an at-large Montgomery County Councilmember. He represents over 1.1 million Marylanders, one-third of whom are immigrant families like his own. Will has fought to keep rents down, build more affordable housing, and create the county’s first youth-employment program. He also introduced some of the county’s first police reform legislation in two decades.

Prior to being elected, Jawando served as a civil rights attorney, advisor to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and Associate Director of Public Engagement in the Obama White House.

For More Information on Will Jawando’s U.S. Senate campaign visit his campaign website.

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